Dad Birthday Wishes For Dad

Dad Birthday Wishes For Dad Birthday Poems

Father’s spend most of their years working hard to taking care of a family. He is a provider, a protector, a chauffeur, but most of all, he is your dad. It is lovely is his children give back to their fathers, with some words of appreciation on special occasions, like his birthday. – Dad Birthday Cards

Dad Birthday Wishes For Dad Birthday Poems

You’re everything a dad should be
kind, caring and strong ..
A dad with such great morals
who showed me, right from wrong.

And for all those, great things you are
that you think, that I don’t see ..
Be sure to know, dad, that I do
and they mean, the world to me.

Happy Birthday Dad

By – Toni Norton Kane

Dear dad, you are loved so much
far more than you could tell ..
No just me, or the family
but by those, who know you as well.

Happy Birthday
To The Worlds Greatest Dad

By – Toni Norton Kane

Being a wonderful father
comes naturally to you ..
You seem to know just what to say
and always what to do.

So on your birthday today
I just wanted you to know ..
That I love you, to the moon and back
and I am so proud to tell you so.

I Love You Dad
Happy Birthday

By – Toni Norton Kane

A father is a special man
who always tries his best ..
He works hard, for his family
and he never seems to rest.

But today is your birthday, dad
and it’s time, you took a break ..
To do the things, you love the most
it’s time, you need to take.

We know, that you love us
and we love you too ..
But working on your birthday, dad
it really, just won’t do.

Happy Birthday Dad
It’s Your Day Off

By – Toni Norton Kane

Dear Daddy on your birthday
I’ve got something, to tell you ..
That I love you very much
and I hope you love me too.

Happy Birthday Daddy
I Love You

By – Toni Norton Kane

You’re such a wonderful dad
and so often, it doesn’t show ..
Just how much we love you
far more than you would know.

And now it is your birthday
it’s a great time to say ..
That you mean the world to us
every single day.

Happy Birthday Dearest Dad

By – Toni Norton Kane

Dearest dad, you’ve taught us well
throughout all these years ..
The many great things you’ve told us
the laughter love and tears.

Our mentor our teacher
our adviser, our guide ..
You helped us through all
the things that we’ve tried.

You were once just our father
but now our friend too ..
We’re ever so glad
to have a dad like you.

Happy Birthday
To A Great Dad

By – Toni Norton Kane

You deserve the best birthday ever
from the beginning, ’til the end ..
As you simply are, the greatest dad
and your son’s, closest friend.

Happy Birthday
To A Great Dad
And Wonderful Friend

By – Toni Norton Kane

Just want to let you know, dad
now that your birthday’s here ..
That I love you, more than you know
each day of the year.

Happy Birthday Dear Dad

By – Toni Norton Kane

Dearest dad, you are the best
and at times, words are too few ..
And it’s nice to know, you’re appreciated
for, all the things you do.

And so on your birthday
it’s warming, for you to know ..
That we love you, so much more
and want to tell you so.

Happy Birthday Dad
I Love You

By – Toni Norton Kane

All Dad birthday verses are the original writings and property of Toni Norton Kane.