Belated Birthday Wishes

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes Belated

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes Belated. Belated Birthday Messages and Verses for people who like to be fashionably late. Are you in need of finding a fantastic believable excuse mad up of a to cover your mistake. Here is some great original belated birthday verses for you to write in a belated birthday card. – Belated Birthday Cards

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes Belated Birthday Greetings

Belated Birthday Messages

  • I feel so bad about forgetting your birthday. Aren’t you going to do something to make me feel better about it?

  • Actually I didn’t want to remind you that it was your birthday and that you’re getting older. Happy Belated Birthday

  • May this be the least belated of all your belated birthday wishes!

  • I’m sending you this message late, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t care about you. Happy Belated Birthday

  • A belated birthday wish is like that piece of pizza you find in the fridge a few days after you bought it. Remember how much fun that was? Well, you’re welcome for the reminder.

  • I’m almost late enough with this years birthday card, that I could almost wait until next year and give you two cards.

  • I know my wishes are late but they are none the less true. Happy Belated Birthday

  • Hope you had a truly special birthday. I know I missed your special day but as far as I’m concerned, every day of the year is special because you were born.

  • I’m not going to give any lame excuses for this late wish, but you know that it wasn’t intentional. So sorry. Happy Belated Birthday

  • Yes, it’s true that I completely forgot your birthday but I think I should get some points for remembering I forgot it. Hope you had an incredibly wonderful special day!

  • With age, comes patience. Thanks for waiting for my belated birthday wish.

  • I don’t like the feeling of missing your birthday so here’s a belated birthday card and to be safe, one for next year too. Happy birthday in advance.

  • I’m very sorry about forgetting your special day, so please accept this belated birthday wish in the spirit it is given. Hope your birthday was amazing – just like you.

  • Hope you had a happy birthday! There’s no excuse for how late I am with your birthday wish, but you know I can make one up if I have to.

  • Sorry, I missed your birthday but I’ve rescheduled it for, um, uh, today. Happy Belated Birthday!

  • A late birthday card is a lot like a bill from the doctor. Both tell you that you are getting older and both are a big surprise. Happy Belated Birthday

  • Were you born before your due date? It seems like you should have been born today.

  • Your dog must have eaten the birthday card I sent to you yesterday. Wishing you a belated happy birthday.

  • A belated happy birthday to my favorite person in the world. Sure, technically, I forgot your birthday. In reality, though, I was once again just fashionably late for another big event.

  • I’m so sorry I missed your birthday. I must have lost my head or something. Hope you had a truly special day anyway.

  • I got abducted by aliens but I managed to run away when they were taking a nap. Belated happy birthday.

  • Now this is something you should consider – In some parts of the world, tomorrow is already today and today is yesterday. In other parts of the world, today is yesterday and tomorrow will be today. So who’s to say I have missed your birthday?

  • I hope all your birthday wishes came true. Here’s one more for good luck – a little late yet as heartfelt as ever. Happy Belated Birthday

  • “I’m Late,” which is what your Mother said about 8 months before your birthday. Happy Belated Birthday!

  • Wishing you a belated happy birthday. Sure, this wish is late but that’s only because I want to make sure you celebrate your birthday a little longer.

  • I bet no one except me came to wish you a belated happy birthday. Don’t thank me, that’s what friends are for.

  • Hope your birthday was as special to you as you are to me. Sure, I know my wishes are a little bit late but they are nevertheless as true as ever! Happy Belated Birthday

  • Hoping that your birthday was fantastic! I’m so sorry for forgetting it. I messed up and I would like to make it right. What would you like me to do for you? Nothing gross, though!

  • Better late than never for a birthday card – especially when there is money inside – right?

  • Always late, but never without a gift. Here’s to another year’s belated birthday wish for you! Let’s stick with tradition and don’t expect to hear from me to early, ever.

  • I’m sending you this belated birthday message to let you know that I am wishing you a happy birth-year instead of just a happy birth-day. Who says you can’t celebrate the entire year? I’m not late at all with your card.

  • You can always count on a friend like me, except on birthdays.

  • You probably get lots of cards on your birthday. But what about after? When the balloons have withered and the cake has crumbled? Who’s thinking of you then? Who’s looking out for you when the spotlight’s off? – I am, that’s who. Me. I’m not late. I’m just sensitive.

  • I decided to send your birthday card late, so the excitement of your birthday would last even longer.

  • Just when I felt my life was organized, I totally missed your birthday! You’re a great friend and I feel terrible for forgetting. Please forgive me. Happy Belated Birthday

  • I missed your birthday, again. I’ll have to work on my aim.

  • Sometimes you need a friend who’ll remember your birthday on time and sometimes you need a friend at 3am to help hide the body. We both know which one I am. Happy Belated Birthday!

  • Belated “happy birthday” to a friend who has earned the right to forget my birthday at least once in our lifetime – no expiration date.

  • Sure, I missed your birthday, but I would never miss the chance to wish Happy Birthday to you! I hope yours was a truly happy one!

  • Hey, I know I’m late with your birthday card, but most people aren’t born on their due date. So I figured it’s okay to be a little early or a little late, the way people are born.

  • Sorry I missed out on your special day. This is the only time you will see me apologize and be nice to you, at the same time, for one whole day. Make the most of it.

  • I know I missed your birthday, but trust me this doesn’t happen more than once a year. Happy Belated Birthday

  • They say, “Good things come to those who wait.” Well here is a good wish of a happy belated birthday to you. Hope your day was awesome.

  • The question is not how late my birthday card was, it is how early it was for your next birthday.

  • Birthdays are like Bigfoot. They surprise the crap out of you and they are easy to miss.

  • Your best friend is suffering in guilt fueled pain because she forgot your birthday. Be a good friend and put her out of misery by giving her a nice hug and taking her out for dinner.

  • Sorry I missed you birthday. I promise it will not happen again this year.

  • My dear friend, can you please forget my birthday next year, because it would make me feel a whole lot better about missing yours? Happy Belated Birthday

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Belated Verses

Forgetting your birthday
I really feel bad ..
But, I really do hope
it’s, the best one you’ve had.

Happy Belated Birthday

By – Toni Norton Kane

I’m late and I’m sorry
I forgot ..
But, really I do care
a whole lot.

It’s not that I
meant to forget ..
It’s now something
I’ll live to regret.

Hope You Had A Very Happy Day
Happy Belated Birthday

I didn’t wish you on your day
I just knew I shouldn’t yet ..
Because you’re at, that ripe old age
when people would, rather forget!

Happy Belated Birthday

By – Toni Norton Kane

Your birthday wish, though late
doesn’t mean, that I don’t care ..
But I wish that I’d remembered
and would loved to have been there.

Happy Belated Birthday

By – Toni Norton Kane

My wishes are late
but are none the less, true ..
I have no real excuse
but think the world of you.

Happy Belated Birthday

By – Toni Norton Kane

I know I missed your birthday
but, each day I think of you ..
Though I wish that I’d remembered
so you’d know, that this was true.

Happy Belated Birthday

By – Toni Norton Kane

A lame excuse, for this late wish
is exactly what I lack ..
But I cannot lie, I just forgot
but, you could always pay me back.

Happy Belated Birthday

By – Toni Norton Kane

I remembered that, I forgot your birthday
It’s shamefully true, that I forgot ..
I don’t know how I did it
but you really do mean a lot.

Forgive Me – Happy Belated Birthday

By – Toni Norton Kane

If forgetting your
birthday’s a crime?
I guess I will be
doing time.

It’s not that I meant
to be late ..
My scattered brain
just forgot the date.

Sorry For My Poor Excuse
Happy Belated Birthday

Because I hate missing your birthday
I’ll give you two cards and take no chance ..
That way, next year, on your birthday
you’ve got your card, in advance.

Happy Belated Birthday

By – Toni Norton Kane

Hope your birthday was
amazing, just like you ..
And I hope all your dreams
and wishes will come true.

So sorry I forgot
Happy Belated Birthday

By – Toni Norton Kane

There’s no excuse, for how late this is
your birthday wish, I mean ..
I have a whole list, of lame excuses
but I think, I’ll just come clean.

Sorry I Forgot Your Birthday
Happy Belated Birthday

By – Toni Norton Kane

Your birthday is a special day
that I simply forgot ..
I really wish I hadn’t, as
I really care a lot.

Happy Belated Birthday

Can we please re-run your birthday?
’cause I missed it and feel sad ..
I can only apologize and hope it was great
but still, I feel so bad!

Happy Belated Birthday!

By – Toni Norton Kane

It’s not so bad
to get wished late ..
It’s just another reason
to re-celebrate.

Really I Just Missed Your Birthday
Happy Belated Birthday To You

By – Toni Norton Kane

A friend will
remember your birthday
but a good friend
will remember late.

Not sure why, but it sounded like a good excuse
Happy Belated Birthday

By – Toni Norton Kane

These wishes are true as ever
even though there late ..
You really are worth remembering
on your special date.

So sorry, maybe I’ll
get it right next year!
Happy Belated Birthday

By – Toni Norton Kane

I’m late for everything as you know
and probably, always will be ..
So when your birthday arrives next year
expect a late wish from me!

By – Toni Norton Kane

I’m the friend you can count on
without question or delay ..
I’m there when most needed
except on your special day!

I’m So Bad
Happy Belated Birthday

By – Toni Norton Kane

Late birthday wishes
make a friendship stronger ..
Because they care enough
to make it last longer.

Happy Belated Birthday Dear Friend

By – Toni Norton Kane

Your birthday wish
it went astray ..
It was sent time
but it blew away.

I know you won’t believe me
so I’ll give you a special day ..
To take advantage of me
in each and every way.

Better make the most of it!
Happy Belated Birthday

By – Toni Norton Kane

All belated birthday verses tagged ‘By – Toni Norton Kane’ are the original writings and property of Toni Norton Kane.