Heaven Birthday Wishes

Heaven Birthday Wishes Birthday In Heaven Poems

Heavenly birthday wishes for one you have loved and lost. They are missed beyond words, not just on their birthdays, but each and every day. Birthday’s are very emotional times. These short verses and poems will help to express the feelings, that go hand in hand with grief. By – Toni Norton Kane – Heaven Birthday Cards

Heaven Birthday Wishes Birthday In Heaven Poems

Birthday In Heaven Poems

We miss you every moment
of each and every day ..
But on this day, so much more
since you had to go away.

Today is your birthday
and each memory brings a tear ..
No birthday wish will bring you back
but still, we wish you here.

By – Toni Norton Kane

I hope and pray that where you are
that you can hear my prayer ..
And know that on your birthday
that I wish that I were there.

I wish that I could hear your voice
and hug you tight and more ..
I wish that I could bring you home
just like it was before.

It hurts my heart to know I can’t
that very thought brings pain ..
If I could, you know I would
bring you, back home again.

Happy Birthday In Heaven
I Love You Today And Always

By – Toni Norton Kane

Your memory is a sacred walk
a flashback, of reminiscing ..
A time of retrospection
for a love one, that I am missing.

And on your very special day
I take this sacred walk ..
And think of every memory
that bought me happy thoughts.

Happy Birthday
In Heaven Sweetheart

By – Toni Norton Kane

I remember on your birthday
we’d go out and misbehave ..
And now for your birthday
I place flowers on your grave.

Happy Birthday, Wish You Were Here

By – Toni Norton Kane

How I wish I could see you
on your Birthday today ..
It hasn’t been the same here
since you have gone away.

What I wouldn’t give to see you
to hear your voice once more ..
To hug you tight and hold you
just like it was before.

By – Toni Norton Kane

Remembering your birthday
brings me heartache and pain ..
It reminds me that, even more
that, I won’t see you again.

I hope that you’re resting easy
in the arms, of our God above ..
And that you know I miss you so much
and send forth all my love.

Sleep Peacefully My Love

How much you are missed
know one knows ..
And you’re missed even more
as the days and years go.

And, on your birthday
you’re missed a little more ..
Than all, of the days
that, have past us before.

Missed And Loved Beyond Words
Happy Birthday In Heaven

By – Toni Norton Kane

There’s nothing that could be done
to make bearable, this sad day ..
Once celebrated, with so much joy
how now, been taken away.

I miss you more that anything
there are no words to describe ..
The feelings and emotions
that I feel inside.

But I know I must be thankful
for the special times we had ..
And wish you a happy heavenly birthday
though I’m feeling very sad.

Loved And Adored
Missed Every Day

– By – Toni Norton Kane

Your birthday is to celebrate
treasured memories, that you made ..
We wish there could have been more
but the ones we have, don’t fade.

They’re tucked away, safe in our hearts
and there, they will quietly wait ..
Until the time, we walk the path
and meet you at the gate.

Birthday Wishes Sent To Heaven

By – Toni Norton Kane

Our hearts just ache in sadness
knowing, that you are no longer here ..
And on your birthday, so much more
than in this passing year.

Yes, we are still living
As we must, with countless tears ..
It’s knowing, we must live without you
for our remaining years.

We suffer much in silence
though we smile, though we are so sad ..
We must be grateful, for the memories
and the good times that we had.

Happy Birthday In Heaven
Loved And Missed Always

By – Toni Norton Kane

Happy birthday in Heaven
I sure miss you a lot ..
I hold on, so very tight to
sweet memories, that I’ve got.

Some make me laugh
and some make me sad ..
And some are the best
times, I’ve ever had.

Miss You Always
Happy Birthday In Heaven

By – Toni Norton Kane

On your birthday, dear loved one
I wish you were, still here with me ..
Your memories linger softly
and are so dear to me.

Happy Heavenly Birthday

By – Toni Norton Kane

To celebrate your birthday now
to say the least, it brings us tears ..
We miss you and our hearts just ache
for, all the missing years.

We want you back, but know we can’t
that could never be true ..
So each day and year that passes by
know that we are always missing you.

Happy Birthday In Heaven
Missing You Eternally

By – Toni Norton Kane

I do not think there is a day
nor will there ever be ..
That you are not on my mind
or in a memory.

No matter what I’m doing
or the places that I go ..
Thoughts of you are with me
but, I am sure you know.

And in each second, of this day
I will be, thinking of you ..
Because it is your birthday
and because I miss you too.

Happy Birthday In Heaven

By – Toni Norton Kane

Didn’t someone tell you
that you were, too young to die ..
You should be here for your birthday
and I don’t know the reasons why.

Happy Birthday In Heaven
Missed Beyond Words

By – Toni Norton Kane

Your birthday is here
and I must be brave ..
Go gather some flowers
to place on your grave.

I’ll sing you a song
and say a prayer ..
And hope that you know
that, I visited you there.

Happy Birthday In Heaven

By – Toni Norton Kane

Though only a thought away
I wish that we could touch ..
My heart just breaks with sadness
as I miss you so much.

And each year when your birthday arrives
it’s worse than the year before ..
To think of all the years we’ve lost
it only hurts me more.

So on your birthday sweetheart
please forgive my tears ..
It’s only because I miss you
and will do, for all my years.

By – Toni Norton Kane

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All birthday in Heaven poems are the original writings and property of Toni Norton Kane.