Sister Birthday Wishes

Sister Birthday Wishes For Sister Birthday Poems

Sister’s are our playmates in youth and often our best friends when you grow up. Treasure your sisters and be thankful to your parents for having more than one child. Sisters can be nasty, annoying and bossy, but they will always love and protect you. Here you will find some nice short, sweet sister verses to write in your sister’s birthday cards. –  Sister Birthday Cards  Sister Quotes  Sister Poems

Sister Birthday Wishes For Sister Birthday Poems

Dear Sister

If you have a special wish
then, that’s what I wish for you ..
And I hope and pray with all my heart
what you want most, to come true.

Love You Dear Sister Happy birthday

By – Toni Norton Kane

We’ve shared the fun
and the sad ..
A house, a name
a Mom and Dad.

You are my Sister
and I feel blessed ..
For God gave, to me
one of the best.

Happy Birthday Sis

By – Toni Norton Kane

You are such a special sister
and I think the world of you ..
You’re caring, kind and helpful
in everything you do.

So these wishes for your birthday
are of the special kind ..
That wish you every happy thing
that you can bring to mind.

Have A Very Happy Birthday

By – Toni Norton Kane

Dearest sister you are special
and thought of, with so much love ..
You deserve the very best of things
that you’ve been dreaming of.

Happy Birthday Beautiful Sister

By – Toni Norton Kane

You’re a sister to be proud of
one that’s always there ..
A generous, kind and loving soul
who shows how much they care.

And because you are so special
and for everything you do ..
I wish for all the goodness
to come back, tenfold to you.

Happy Birthday To The Best Sister

By – Toni Norton Kane

Happy birthday lovely sister
a better friend, I couldn’t find ..
She knows everything about me
and still, she doesn’t mind.

She has my childhood memories
the good times and the bad ..
There is no better friend
she’s the best I’ve ever had.

I Love You Sis, Happy Birthday

By – Toni Norton Kane

Dear sister, do you know
the happiness you bring ..
Your smile and laughter
and a whole lot more things.

Dear sister, I wish you
nothing but love ..
Who is truly a gift
from the heavens above.

Happy Birthday Beautiful Sis

By – Toni Norton Kane

My sister, you are special
each day of the year ..
And I wish you all the very best
now that your birthday’s here.

I wish you a world of happiness
a day that’s just for you ..
And hope that all you wish for
comes, right on back to you.

Happiest Birthday To You Sister

By – Toni Norton Kane

My sister, you are a blessing
without you, where would I be?
You know all my flaws and weaknesses
yet, you’re still always there for me.

You don’t let me down, like others
you are genuine, loyal and true ..
You’re my best friend and confidante
and I’m wishing, best things for you!

Happy Birthday Dear Sister

By – Toni Norton Kane

Friends may leave
love may sever ..
But sisters are there
always and forever!

Happy Birthday Sister
I Love You!

By – Toni Norton Kane


All Sister birthday verses are the original writings and property of Toni Norton Kane.