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Son Birthday Wishes For Son Birthday Poems

The relationships between a mother – son and father – son are remarkably different. A mother tends to form a very close bond to her sons and those boys seem to grow up to have great respect for their mothers and mostly will respect women because of this. The Father – Son relationship often determines the future relationships and emotional bonds he has with other males. It is vital that both parents show and tell their sons  that they are loved. This will make them into strong, well-adapted men. – Son Birthday Cards

Son Birthday Poems Verses Wishes

Dear son, you mean the world to us
you bring joy, into our days –
You’re everything, we dreamt you’d be
with your kind and loving ways.

And because today’s your birthday
We wish you, the greatest good –
All that you deserve and more
come to you, like it should.

By – Toni Norton Kane

Son’s are gifts
from up above –
Sent to earth
for us to love.

To nurture, raise
the best we can –
To grow into
amazing men.

And you, dear Son
make us so proud –
You truly stand out
from the crowd.

Happy Birthday Son
you’re without, doubt –
A treasure we can’t
live without.

We Love You Son
More Than You
Will Ever Know

By – Toni Norton Kane

Son, you are so wonderful
and the time has truly flown –
I turn to see, a man before me
the nicest I have known.

You’re gentle kind and loving
and thoughtful in all ways –
And you are worthy of a wish
to bring joy, to all your days.

Happy Birthday Beautiful Son

By – Toni Norton Kane

Dear Son, we adore you
you’re such a fantastic guy –
Outrageous, smart and funny
of that, we can’t deny.

We’re wishing you an awesome day
as good, as birthdays bring –
And always stay, just as you are
as we wouldn’t change a thing.

Happy Birthday
To A Much Loved Son

By – Toni Norton Kane

Today’s your birthday, precious son
and this wish has come to say –
That as a son, you’re second to none
the finest in all ways.

Happy Birthday Darling Son

By – Toni Norton Kane

There is no better son than you
I have truly been blessed –
When I was gifted you, from the lord
I knew, I had got the best.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart

By – Toni Norton Kane

Dearest son you make us so proud
with all nice things you do –
A precious son beyond compare
and here’s what I wish for you.

A perfect day and year ahead
the best, that life can bring –
All through your years, happiness
and the best of everything.

By – Toni Norton Kane

Son, you are outstanding
perfect in every way ..
You’re thought of far more often
than any words can say.

So on your special day, son
may you get, all your wishing for –
Because you are so wonderful
and no-one deserves it more.

Happy Birthday
To An Awesome Son

By – Toni Norton Kane

Dear son, you are so groovy
and a little way-out as such –
But with it, you are so much fun
and you deserve so much.

Your birthday is the perfect time
to say how much you’re loved –
Never change, the way you are
as you’re thought the whole world, of.

I Love You, My Dear Son
Happy Birthday

By – Toni Norton Kane

To a son, that is so perfect
how did you get so smart? –
You must be a throw-back
as you’re a work of art.

We are so proud of you
and it’s a perfect chance to say –
That everything, that you are
amazes us each day.

Happy Birthday
To Our Amazing Son

By – Toni Norton Kane

I wonder if you know, Son
how much you mean to me –
You’re helpful kind and loving
just like you said you’d be.

You amaze me every day
with all the things you do –
A loving son, a father
and a great husband too.

So I’m wishing you much happiness
a happy day indeed –
The kind that shows
how much you’re loved
with everything you need.

Happy Birthday
To A Fantastic Son
Father and Husband

By – Toni Norton Kane

All Son birthday poems for son and wishes are the original writings and property of Toni Norton Kane.